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Sat, 18th Jul, 2020, 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM (ACDT)

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Meet point at , ZOOM, Australian Capital Territory, 5000 View Map
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While digging the trench, preparing for the Battle of Khandaq, the Prophet (PBUH) said to the companions..
“..Constantinople will fall on the hands of the Muslim army. The king will be the best of kings, his army will be the best of army..” (Narrated by Imam Ahmad)
..and ever since then, conquest upon conquest, failures upon failures that the Companions of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) endured to relive that prophecy. But little did we know, that this prophecy was only to be a reality, 800 years after it has been spoken. He was not among the Companions, or the Tabi’ien even. Neither he was an Arab or even related to the Prophet SAW or the Companions. He was a young Turkish Sultan of the Ottoman Empire by the name of Sultan Muhammad II, or famously known as Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh after his heroic effort in the conquest of Constantinople


ISMA Australia proudly present to you, ‘The Prophecy’.

It is an attempt for us to relive that moment together. Discover our great Seerah by making YOU as part of the conquest of Constantinople. Rejoice our Muslim identity and be the army that struggles and solves the challenges and hurdles of bringing victory to this Deen of Islam.

Build a team and be a WINNER! 

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